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it's february so i thought i would do a v-day themed lookbook. i feel pretty basic doing so but hey!, it is year one month TWO of this blog so i should do what i wanna!!! i am currently single but even as a girlfriend, i never cared much for valentine's day. i am, however, in an eternal, loving relationship with my style where the honeymoon phase is still goin' strong, so i take any holiday as an excuse to dress up. here are some looks based on a few common valentine's day motifs.




floral is typically romantic & feminine so i love seeing it more boyish. i made this floral dress ($5 from UO on black friday in '09 wow) less feminine by layering it over a white thermal & slipping on some loafers. with the addition of sky blue lipstick, this look is sweet & quirky. i took these pictures on my doorstep as if i was waiting for my non-existent sweetheart to pick me up but really, my dad pulled up like "wyd?? making a movie??" lmao.




i wanted to include one of my lace bodysuits in this lookbook; it's a good idea for date night because it doubles as lingerie once y'all get home 😜🍆🍑. with this navy bodysuit from h&m as my starting point, i ended up doing a monochrome look with 50 shades of blue. although i started with a piece of lingerie, i honestly don't think this is the most date-worthy outfit. but hey! valentine's day is about love, so u should wear what u love, & whoever loves u will love it too 😉 do u love that i said "love" four times in one sentence?



i have had this shirt for years! i bought it back in 2008 at TRUE in san francisco. it has survived many closet purges which means it still resonates with me after all these years <3. it's just such an awesome shirt! i love the graphic, the colors, & its overall message. plus it's an interesting twist on the original "LOVE" image by robert indiana.

as someone who has been experimenting with her style for like, eleven years now, i can make pretty spot-on predictions about the reception of my looks. this is one of those looks where although i love it, i don't think other people will. & that's completely fine!!! in fact, that kind of adds to the message of the shirt, no? i might be getting ~NOLOVE~ but as long as i'm happy in my denim culottes, pink cheetah print slip-ons, & a yellow checkered shoelace tied around my waist, then it's all good :) all i need in this life of sin is me & my closet!!!!!


when i first brainstormed this v-day post, i wanted to make outfits for all kinds of dates: the first date, the tinder date, the "we've been together for like 100 years let's just be lowkey" date, the galantine's day date, shiii i even considered a "netflix & chill" date 😂 (which for me is just sweats & a t-shirt ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

then i realized that the only person i ever wanna dress up for is myself. i don't want my approach to what i'm wearing on the first date to be any different from my approach on the 100th date. why give anyone the first impression that i'm a skinny jeans type of girl when really i wear baggy shit half of the time? any person worth being with will like whatever i'm wearing, so might as well scare the rest of 'em away with some culottes!!

do u guys have any valentine's day plans?? lemme know in the comments below!



serendipitous thrifts

serendipitous thrifts