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rain drop, crop top

rain drop, crop top

of all social media platforms, i think instagram is my favorite. i try to strictly follow accounts who truly inspire me: my friends, my "internet friends", LOTS OF freelance creatives, & designer/independent brands. scrolling through my feed feels like flipping through a digital, never ending magazine, & screenshotting is the mobile equivalent to tearing out the pages for inspiration. the “screenshot” folder on my iphone has dozens of images! a single photo holds so many elements to draw inspiration from: the background, the color scheme, how the model is posing, his/her make-up and hair, or the outfits. omg, especially the outfits.

last year, i started following a young model named simone thompson a.k.a. @slickwoods. she’s walked for yeezy & fentyxpuma, modeled for calvin klein & adidas x urban outfitters. this girl has quite the résumé in her youth & i’m sure it will only continue to expand this year! i love her style, her look, her “idgaf” attitude. i pretty much double tap anything she posts, but this is definitely my favorite post so far:

THIS IS SUCH A LOOK. the SUPER cropped shirt exposing her bra & sternum tattoo, WITH THE DOG ON A CHAIN LEASH?!?!? it’s sexy & tough!!! my fav combo. like was this picture planned or does she walk around like that every day? she probably walks around like that every day.

right after i double tapped it, i simultaneously hit my home & lock button to save it for later. i knew i was gunna eventually recreate her super cropped tee & experiment with it. after a few weeks of playing with different looks in my head, i finally picked up a $4 black gildan tee from joann’s. i got a women’s size S; i usually prefer men’s tees over women’s but i wanted a tighter fit. when i got home i cropped it to just above my nipples.

idk how i didn’t think of this before!!! as i’ve gotten older i’ve been pretty comfortable to show some skin so i own quite a few crop tops in my closet. cropping a top so that it’s even shorter than a bra is simple but genius. it’s so bold & sexy.

my first look with this super cropped tee mirrors how slickwoods wears it: tough & sexy, with just a bra underneath & keeping the rest of the look monochrome & masculine. i opted for classic-ish pieces: a CK sports bra, all-white leather chucks, & fake levi’s (i didn’t realize til after i thrifted them that they’re possibly/probably fake lol). i think i will wear this look IRL the next time my real life leads me to a hot & humid, new york summer day <3


as for my other looks, i wanted to experiment layering this crop top with some more feminine, conventional pieces. i was curious to see how wearable it is in “every day” looks because not everyone is comfortable with showing so much skin.

in this second look, i layered it under a thrifted, lacy cami, paired with OAK denim culottes & thrifted floral flats. i wanted to juxtapose the shirt as much as possible with the femininity of my cami & the unflattering fit of my culottes.


this super cropped top can be layered with anything, so for the last look i paired it with a lacy maxi dress & my 1461 doc martens. i guess i was thinking, how would they have worn this top in the '90s? this is just ONE of the many ways. i gave it a little twist by wearing one strap of the dress underneath the tee & one strap atop. oh, & i feel like i should mention got a haircut in the time between the first two looks & this look, lol. also, there was heavy overcast this day so the lighting was either working with me or against me.

i adore this crop top & i will be bringing it back out throughout the year, especially in the warmer months. it was so fun to play with! i'm honestly surprised it hasn't become a trend yet as slickwoods has tens of thousands of followers and it's such an easy d.i.y. shout-out to slickwoods for doing her thang both on & off the runway & inspiring the rest of us to not give a flying fuck <3

crushing velvet

crushing velvet