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at the beginning of the month, my friend keani & i went on a road trip to portland, oregon. it's a 10 hour drive between the bay & portland, which is very doable when u split it with someone. it's also very doable with all of the pretty scenery u see on the way!!


hawthorne / richmond


although we were exhausted from our 10 hour journey, we were just as eager to explore & also very, very hungry. we freshened up at our airbnb & headed out to dinner at pok pok (pics on that later 😋) afterwards we were hella full so we walked off the food by wandering around richmond & hawthorne. these neighborhoods are s'cuuuute! unlike most suburban areas, each house has so much character & looks different from the next. some of them host "little free libraries" where people can trade in books for free! keani & i were also amazed by all the greenery, huge ass trees, & cherry blossoms that we saw both here & throughout portland.


forest park

on day two, we went to forest park to see even more trees & greenery. according to wikipedia, the park is 5,100 acres, making it one of the largest parks in the country. we only spent about an hour here but we saw so much in that one hour! it was refreshing to be surrounded by so much nature & to breathe in all dat fresh air 🍃 also, i have never seen so much moss in my life lol.


portland japanese garden


we also checked out the japanese garden in washington park. it was cool but there was a $15 admission fee & i only got to see so much of it before our parking meter ran out, so i don't think i can give it a fair review lol.




my girl keani & i LOVE to shop! back home we occasionally go thrifting together, so we definitely had that on our portland agenda as well. i'm proud to say all of the clothes i bought in portland were second-hand! i might do a haul on my youtube channel one day or another so if i do, i'll post it here on the blog. i think my favorite spot was the House of Vintage on SE hawthorne, which was more of a warehouse than a house lol! as pictured above, it was room after room of racks & racks of vintage clothing! i probably could have spent all day there but after doing one round, i already found three items for about $80 so maybe it's best i didn't lol.

we also went to a couple of the powell's book store locations: one in hawthorne & their flagship store downtown. each store had such a vast yet well-organized collection of books; it was yet another place u could quite easily spend all-day browsing. from the location in hawthorne, i purchased a comic book called "snotgirl", which is about a fashion blogger L O L. from the powell's in downtown, i bought a used edition of "FRUiTS", which is a japanese magazine by shoichi aoki where he photographs the street style of harajuku. i'm glad i got it because after 20 years, aoki has recently decided to stop making FRUiTS.


brunch & brews

between shopping & dining, i really don't know which was my favorite! food in portland is S O   G O O D. i don't take the best foodie pictures because as much as i'm tryna remember the meal, i'm also really tryna eat it asap lol. we made our own pancakes at slappycakes. we had some bombass brunch at jam on hawthorne: keani got the salmon benedict & i decided to be boring & get eggs & hashbrowns with a side of bacon; it was still good tho. also, they're called JAM on hawthorne for a reason!!!! their homemade jam is SOO good, i was so disappointed they didn't have a jar available for me to buy & take home :'( if u ever go to the swinging door, we highly recommend u get the praline bacon!!!!! we met up with some friends i knew from high school (danielle who now lives in portland & gabby who also happened to be visiting as well) at an italian restaurant called grassa where allll the pasta is so good. half of us got the carbonara. as i said earlier, keani & i went to pok pok on our first day, where we got the famous fish sauce wings & some good ass baked tilapia. when we looked back at all of the delicious food we ate, keani & i agreed that pok pok was our fav, but also, that meal was after a 10-hour drive which gives that review a slight advantage lol.

beer is also a really big thing in portland lol, so we had to go to a couple of breweries: deschutes & 10 barrel. the food at 10 barrel was pretty good but the beer was alright. keani & i had a really good time at deschutes: the food was good, the service was really good, & the beer was really, really good lol. i bought a 6-pack of the black butte porter to bring back home.


before we knew it, it was time to head back home! with its cute neighborhoods, delicious food, & gr8 shopping, i'll definitely visit portland again in the future <3 especially because i never tried the ice cream from salt n straw or a donut from blue star!!!


& s/o to my road trip buddy keani ;) <3



happy birthday dad

happy birthday dad