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nyfw a/w 2017

nyfw a/w 2017

i usually flip through a few major collections each season, but now that ya girl has a fashion blog, ya girl went all out! i went through each & every collection of nyfw to share some observations with y'all. it lowkey felt like a homework assignment, but also not really, because as someone who loves clothes & style, i had fun putting this together 😀! thanks for reading & let me know what u think in the comments below!


like i said in an earlier post, velvet isn't going anywhere.


... unless satin takes over.




a lil fringe.




... especially pink.


animal prints.




colorful, grand florals. 


politics. make america new york the future is female i stand with planned parenthood we are all human beings.


diversity of models.

it's bittersweet to applaud diversity because the industry should have embraced it, like, forever ago. fashion is truly an all-inclusive art form because everyone has no choice but to get dressed each day. every race, religion, sexuality, gender, age, size should walk the runway so that every single person in this world is represented. recently, muslim model halima aden, vitiligo model winnie harlow, & intersex model hanne gaby odiele have made headlines for their triumphs.


my personal faves.

cash me outside in these looks!! no seriously, ca$h me in dem, because i probably can't afford any of these pieces. i tried to keep the other slideshows at a maximum of 15 looks, so excuse me while i wild out ~


hope y'all enjoyed 😊 & i hope i can do the same for lfw, mfw, & pfw !! stay tuned ;)

ashish a/w 2017

ashish a/w 2017