hi, i'm rhe

i listen to '90s r&b & dress a lil funkyyy



about a month ago, i visited nyc for 2 weeks for my 23rd bday. this is what i did:


s/o to all my friends who took the time out of their busy ny lives to see me :-) <333



i have so many fav restaurants in nyc, i was eating out every damn day!


jack's wife freda

my absolute favorite restaurant in nyc is jack's wife freda. it's an american-mediterranean bistro in soho & the west village. eating here is a must whenever i visit, & on this trip i went twice! on my b-day i treated myself to steak, eggs, & wine for breakfast. then when i went with my friend rayna, i ordered my go-to dish: eggs & haloumi with toast. i have only been to the soho location, where the atmosphere is hella cute & the staff is super friendly, & obvi, the food is scrumptious af. i loved my time there so much that i collected a few souvenirs: a hat, some matches, & a keychain. my server also kindly let me keep his pen haha. thanks pedro!



i wanted to take advantage & try some beers that were exclusive to the tri-state area. tbh my palate for beer isn't super refined so all i can say is they were all pretty good lol.


get out

only in nyc do u get to watch a movie outdoors on a rooftop. my friends invited me to see get out, a thriller released by jordan peele earlier this year. i usually watch movies & tv shows on my ipad while laying in bed, so this was quite a cinematic upgrade. the movie itself was really good. it has a crazy storyline with suspense & racial satire & a proper ending. i'm glad i got to experience it on the big screen & i highly recommend u watch it if u haven't already!



i love shopping in general, but i especially love shopping in nyc. i spent one day thrifting at various beacon's closet locations & another all along soho. i'll maybe do a haul of all the tings i bought in nyc sooner or later. i didn't purchase the cdg shirt / callipygian dress / y/project jeans pictured below but i did buy the bottoms in the pictures below those pictures.



since i was away from my laborious ass job for 2 weeks, i treated myself to a luxurious gel mani at paintbox in soho. i highly recommend! the staff is super friendly, they give u complimentary prosecco or water or coffee, & the nail techs make sure u leave happy w ur manicure. worth every penny, i literally could not stop staring at my claws.



i spent a few hours as the MoMA (not MoMA PS1, which is in queens. the picture below was taken at the train station below the original MoMA NYC). i took selfies with some ~iconic~ works of art bc i'm annoying lol.


georgia o'keeffe & the dinner party

my friend rayna & i went to the georgia o'keeffe exhibit at the brooklyn museum. her paintings, wardrobe, & portraits are integrated on display to show her aesthetic/how cool she was. we also stepped into the dinner party, an installation made by judy chicago in the 1970s. it's a huge triangular table with 39 elaborate place settings each dedicated to famous mythical & historical women. the white marble floor beneath it is inscribed with the names of 999 more historically significant women. it's a permanent exhibition at the brooklyn museum if ya ever wanna see it!


comme des garçons at the met

seeing the rei kawakubo exhibit at the met was a must. fashion exhibitions are my fav kind of exhibitions because clothes & style are the art forms i connect with most. i always literally take pictures of every. single. piece. of clothing. lol! it was cool to see the timeline of kawakubo's work & learn the story, struggle, & inspiration behind each of her collections. rather than making conventional clothes to sell to the masses, she creates true works of art.


williamsburg bridge

i always like to walk the williamburg bridge whenever i visit nyc. i suppose because i frequently walked & jogged the bridge when i lived in brooklyn. on nice days, it's a cool way to travel between williamsburg & the lower east side. there are interesting bits of graffiti on the ground (love is forever - unless it's with a hoe!), u get the scenery of the east river in between the manhattan & brooklyn skyline, & there's like a calm commotion with all of the pedestrians, bikers/skaters, cars, & subway trains simultaneously crossing the bridge. if ur into long walks on the concrete, i would recommend dis.


more graffittis


ghost bikes

on one of the last days i was in brooklyn, i spotted a ghost bike in the neighborhood. i remember the first time i saw a ghost bike, i told my mom it looked cool/pretty, & she explained to me when a cyclist dies on the road, their friends/family set up a white-painted bike at the site in memorial to the cyclist :(((((( be careful on the road! wear a helmet!! no texting & driving!!!



since i have to wear a uniform 40 hours a week & the summers are so mild back at home, i was excited to dress-up on a day-to-day basis during this trip. i always like showing a lil skin so i never mind the hot, humid weather of nyc summers. & not that i ever think about other people's thoughts & opinions when i get dressed, but nyc's eccentric energy makes me feel more comfortable in my quirky lewks. i wasn't always accompanied by a friend to take my OOTDs but here are a few i was able to get (thanks fwends):


s/o to wayna

s/o to my friend rayna for letting me crash at her place. she is one of my closest friends & we talk on the phone at least once a week, so it was cool spending two weeks talking to her real life face. when i wasn't out & about, i was chillin in her air conditioned living room eating junk food & sleeping & watching bob's burgers or cycle 22 of ANTM lol. or drinking a beer on her scenic rooftop!


until next time nyc <333

i'm not sure when i'll see new york city again. when i moved back to the bay area, i did so out of necessity & was devastated to leave nyc. it is my true home & i missed this city with a heavy heart. i considered it a necessity to visit at least once a year, especially during the summer. however, this 2 week trip made me realize that nyc will always be there, & i can always go back. i think it's time for me to start spending my money & time seeing new places, especially places outside of the country. one day or another, i wanna move back to nyc, & i'm sure i'll visit again before i do. until then, i will always cherish all of the memories, friendships, life lessons, & favorite parks/shops/restaurants/bridges/views/museums/beaches/trains/etc i experienced in nyc.