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lfw a/w 2017

lfw a/w 2017

hi guys!!! here is my LFW recap :))) & maybe also check out my NYFW & ashish recaps as well <3


some continued trends from nyfw

velvet, satin, furs, florals... also, is blue zebra print about to be a thing? i'm with it.


smart looks with an edge

if business casual looked like this, maybe i'd work in an office.


my fav print EVER, plaid!!!


cold? wear a thick ass scarf. don't have a scarf? just use your sweater!!!


puffer jackets

puffer jackets have been making a come back in these cold winter streetz. some designers got REAL experimental with that puffer jacket material (is there a formal name for that?)


fairy tale lewks

idk how else to explain these looks.


black & white patterns

checkerboard, stripes, polka dots, two-tone. ayyy.


more red than that time of the month


my personal faves!!!


i hope y'all enjoyed, lemme know what u think in the comments below!!!



ashish a/w 2017

ashish a/w 2017