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hi guys!!! i'm currently preparing for a road trip to portland so i thought i'd share my last vacation with u guys! i mainly talk about my personal style on this blog but i wanna post about my experiences & travels as well. last july i turned 22, & i'm quite the birthday brat so i treated myself to a solo trip to LA! i chose LA because i always thought it was crazy that i lived in california for so much of my life but never explored much outside of the bay area. maybe it sounds scary or sad or both to travel by yourself for your birthday but i honestly had such a good time! i felt so independent & content. i have bigger, scarier solo trips in mind for the future (tokyo! 😁) so i thought this would be good practice lol. i'd HIGHLY RECOMMEND traveling alone to anyone considering it.

anyway, here is a photo diary of my 7 days in LA 😊 enjoy!


although i went to LA by myself, i wasn't gunna let that stop me from getting some good pics! i have seen countless pictures on the 'gram of the pretty LACMA lights so i set up my trusty tripod & took my own lol! security had to tell me to put away my tripod twice lmao! the LACMA lights are just as pretty in person as they are in pictures & i heard they light up after sunset. next time i'm in LA i'll definitely try to see them at night!


i obviously had to take pictures against the famous "pink wall" on melrose.


here are some of my OOTDs!!! whenever i pack outfits for a trip i try to stick to a central theme/color palette to avoid overpacking. the theme for this trip was ~monochromatic athleisure~ lol so all i took with me were black & white activewear pieces. it worked great for me functionally as well because the materials i wore were very light & breathable in the hot LA weather. i had to wear my running shorts/sports bra set to the beach because my own  *SHARK WEEK* was approaching & i didn't have any black swimsuits ;(


i kept doing this dumbass thing where i took selfies with the fine art at LACMA, MOCA, and the broad. i also saw a menswear exhibit at LACMA which was SO COOL, fashion exhibits are obvi my fav.


here is me chilling on the grass outside of the broad after a long day of waiting in line for 3 hours & browsing the actual museum for half an hour lol. but haay free admission tho. i fondly remember laying on this grass very contently because idk i was happy with myself for traveling solo dolo u kno? :β€’)


ok u guys i didn't JUST go to LA to take hella selfies of myself, but also of food! here are my meals clockwise starting with the top left: the "slut" from eggslut, salmon tartine from ostrich farm, scrambled eggs w/ salmon from urth cafe, rice bowls & brioche toast w/ ricotta + jam from sqirl & ice cream from milk (thanks uncle philip & aunt kathy!), & brunch from republique w/ my friend christina. TBH it was alll sooo good & all of the restaurants had a cute vibe to 'em but i think my fav was eggslut because i love eggs & the "slut" was heavenly & i NEED to try the rest of the menu even if i have to wait in line for 15+ minutes again!!!


although i went to LA by myself, i wasn't always alone! i got to spend some time with my friends & fam who stay in so cal. as i said before, i grabbed brunch with my friend christina, who went to the same high school & lived on the same block as me. my aunt & uncle treated me to brunch, ice cream, & a game at room escape which we failed to solve but had fun nonetheless πŸ˜‚! i also got to meet some ~internet friends~ for the first time which was exciting! i met yazmine who i have been following for years on various social media since our tumblr days <333 we went to MOCA & the santa monica pier which was cool!! my friend renee so kindly treated me to some bday macarons at bottega louie β˜ΊοΈπŸ’œ we met through youtube when i started watching & commenting on her videos a few years ago. if ur into vlogs & LA life, definitely subscribe to her & her bf ro's channel, hisandhersLA!!!


again, LA was so cute & fun. i love warm weather, good food, high-end & vintage shopping, & cheap ubers. i'm lucky it's only 400 miles away for when i need a quick & cheap-ish getaway. i'll definitely be back soon <3

have u been to LA? what are ur fav spots there if so?

tbt #2

tbt #2