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fake ass winter

fake ass winter

while living in new york, i acquired quite the winter coat collection. dressing for 20 degrees meant prioritizing functionality over style, so my coats were always buttoned/zippered up over layers of clothes. scarves, beanies, gloves, & winter boots were obligatory, even if they didn't ~go with my look~. i rarely had the opportunity to truly style my coats without considering the weather.

when i moved back to the bay, my coats were coming with me. i knew i wouldn't need them as much in the 50 degree winters, but most of my coats were thrifted gems that i simply could not part ways with. one day i realized they were collecting dust in my closet (not literally) so i decided to pull them out & style them for a ""winter"" day in the bay. i realized that a 30 degree difference in temperature gives me so much more freedom in styling these coats. i wanted to take advantage of our warmer winters & pair my winter coats with some of my spring/summer pieces. & thus ... a blog post was born !!! ⬇️⬇️⬇️

i thrifted this coat at star struck vintage clothing in the west village of nyc. i love my flannel collection but they didn't do much for me once temps were below 30, so i was on the look-out for the coat version of a flannel. when i found this vintage, multi-colored plaid coat, i knew it was *THE ONE*.

i enjoy layering plaid on plaid so i wore a blue & green flannel underneath my coat. to add more warmth (both to my body & to the outfit) i put red thigh-highs on my legs & a brown carhartt beanie on my head. i completed my lumberjack look with my all white doc martens. back in new york, i would probably have another layer or two under the flannel, a thick scarf wrapped around my neck twice (which would hide the flannel quite a bit), & swap the shorts for a pair of leggings layered under some jeans (which would completely hide the socks) OR i could layer tights underneath the thigh-highs & shorts which would actually be an interesting look. when ur a summer girl suffering in the wintertime, tights are ur best-acquaintence-4ever.


i probably wore this shearling jacket the most in new york because well, it's all black lol. my mom, who has been a new yorker for 10 years now, gave it to me. she knew my nativity to california rendered me unprepared for new york winters.

i thought this jacket would look super B4DA$$!!! with my acne teide boots that i got last cyber monday. i love @alealimay's style & basically ... i saw aleali may wearing hiking boots & denim shorts, so i went out & bought hiking boots & denim shorts. the annoying thing about these shoes is they may look like the perfect fall/winter shoe, but i can actually only wear them when it's not raining because of their suede material. if you know any good suede protectors, holla at ya girl in the comments!! this look is really just a summer outfit with a jacket thrown on top of it, so it would be absolutely useless in a new york winter. the only way i'm wearing that bodysuit & those shorts in 20 degrees is if i have five layers on top of them. if it's snowing or raining, i'm not even thinking about risking my precious acne boots !!!


i thrifted this green plaid coat at belmont army while visiting my bff tammy in chicago. as i said earlier, my love for flannels gives me a soft spot for anything plaid.

i wanted to include a simple, feminine outfit in this lookbook consisting of just a maxi dress & a coat. i decided to go for monochrome as well by pairing this coat with my olive green dress & a leafy backdrop. i added more lace by layering a thrifted cami underneath the dress. i actually think this look could be wearable in any weather. dresses are typically worn in warmer seasons but their layering power easily transcends them into the colder months. i like to layer things both on top of & underneath my dresses. as for dressing this specific look for a real winter, if i wore some leggings & a black turtleneck underneath the dress, i'd be good to go! the shoes, however, might not do so well with slippery sidewalks.


i never got to wear this varsity jacket in nyc because i got it after moving back to the bay 😑 it's such a nice jacket, i couldn't help myself!! it is definitely a good outer layer in the winter but won't keep u too hot in the summer when paired with lighter weight clothing.

i guess i was going with the scholastic theme of this varsity jacket by pairing it with a polo & plaid bottoms. people often ask me about my cropped polo - i got it 10 years ago for my middle school dress code & when i found it recently, i decided to turn it into a cute crop top rather than getting rid of it. i matched my hat to my drop-crotch pants & i'm back at it again with the pink hiking boots. i love these boots so much & they were an investment piece so i wear them as much as i can. this look is pretty wearable for new york winters too, but come january/february i would layer up underneath the outfit. my buttoned up polo could hide a long sleeved thermal & i'd put on some leggings or long socks to conceal my ankles. again, if it's raining or snowing, i'd swap my boots for a different pair.


new york definitely showed me what a real winter looks & feels like. here in the bay, i chuckle to myself when someone in a northface, uggs, & a scarf complains about a windchill on a 50 degree day. however, i've been back in the bay for a year now so my body has acclimated, & i feel so much shame when i catch myself shivering without any snow in sight. nonetheless, after living though three winters in nyc, i would not hesitate to wear shorts on a january day in california - as long as i got my coat collection with me!!! what is winter like where you live?? do u enjoy dressing for it or is it a complete drag? lemme know in da comments ;) <3

serendipitous thrifts

serendipitous thrifts

#womensmarch <3

#womensmarch <3