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crushing velvet

crushing velvet

ever since velvet started trending a few years ago (2013? 2014?), i’ve been hooked. i have accumulated quite a few velvet pieces in a variety of colors & sizes, wearable for any season or occasion. my obsession is to the point where my close friends closely associate velvet & myself. when i’m shopping with a friend, s/he points out all of the velvet pieces to me. when fenty x puma dropped their velvet creepers, like, 5 people told me they thought of me. last week my best friend tammy texted me about american apparel having a sale on all of their velvet pieces:

velvet is a great fabric for so many reasons. it has an interesting texture & sheen. it is beautiful in any color. it is fancy enough for special occasions but comfortable enough for lounging around; catch me at the family party chillin' by the snack table in all velvet. it is such a dynamic fabric & that is why it has been circulating in both high end & fast fashion for the past few years. although i love this fabric, i am still so surprised to see it season after season, and it is still so tempting for me to buy it ALL!!!

i simply cannot buy any more velvet pieces!!! purchasing more velvet could breach my goals for this year: to save money for traveling & to continue my boycott against fast fashion. i also think eight velvet pieces is enough for one wardrobe. instead of overindulging again & again, why not just rethink ways to wear the velvet i already have?!? yah, i'll do dat!!


i'll start with my most basic, most worn velvet item: my black velvet leggings from the urban outfitters brand, BDG. i purchased them while working for UO in nyc so they are at least three years old. i paired them with this black velvet crop top from brandy melville. ever since i bought this top last summer i have been wanting to pair these two together, so a blog post all about velvet is the perfect time. however, they are not exactly a matching set because the leggings are crushed velvet whereas the top is ... idk, uncrushed velvet.

i know this isn't the most exciting look but in a way, it is exciting for me. as i said on instagram, when u wear weird shit all the time, wearing all black feels ....weird. but in a good way!!! it's refreshing to see myself in a neutral, simple look.


my next most worn velvet piece are my burgundy velvet sweatpants. ALSO from urban outfitters. ALSO purchased at the time i worked there. my six months at UO must have coincided with the initial outbreak of the velvet trend.

a pair of velvet sweatpants have endless versatility, like, am i going to da club or a kickback ?!?! but looking back on the three or so years i have had these sweats, i tend to dress them down with men's clothing & sneakers which allows the velvet to *shine* on its own. this time, i wanted to dress up the sweatpants with more femininity & effort. a.k.a. i revealed my bra & wore some tall ass boots.

my look is monochrome-ish but varies in texture: a rose gold (p)leather top, the burgundy velvet sweats, & my brown suede boots. i was disappointed when i didn't have any layering options in a red/brown/pink color to keep the monochrome-ish thing going, but looking at these pictures i like how my black & white shawl/cardigan thing serves as a contrasting backdrop for the rest of the outfit. even in my efforts to dress up the sweatpants, i still think this look is casual enough to do casual things with casual people on a casual day, lol.


i purchased this velvet babydoll dress at an american apparel in brooklyn a little more than a year ago. i was attracted to its unique color; i rarely see mauve, let alone in velvet. i tend to force myself to buy any dress i like in the slightest since my wardrobe lacks in feminine pieces.

it is easy to forget that a dress can become a shirt if u just add some pants underneath. i went with baggy, distressed jeans to counteract the girly innocence of the babydoll dress. my blue, floral lace tights underneath the jeans are my take on the comeback of the fishnets trend. i matched my jeans with these denim, lace-up boots. i added more texture with a fuzzy cardigan & topped it all off with my two-tone carhartt beanie. i have always worn this dress by itself so it was fun to play up the layering. it reminds me that the potential outfits of my wardrobe multiplies infinitely when i layer & it also makes spring/summer items more wearable in colder months.


i have yet another velvet dress! this time a yellow-gold, long-sleeved bodycon one. i thrifted it three years ago from crossroads trading co. in san francisco. i don't know how anyone could give up this literal golden gem but i am glad the previous owner did. there is only one problem: i rarely wear it! this dress is definitely meant for clubbing & date nights, but i usually work or chill at home most nights.

i wanted to make this dress more wearable for the day so i added this sleeveless turtleneck sweater from OAK NYC. they make such an interesting pair, i love how the yellow velvet sleeves contrast the sweater & makes a peek under the slit on my thigh. my suede boots make another statement to add a similar brown color but offer a different texture. idk if i dressed it up or dressed it down, but i think that is what makes it wearable for both day & night.


my last velvet look is this black deep v-neck jumpsuit from american apparel. i wore it for NYE 2016 but never wore it again, adding to the list of many reasons why 2016 sucked. haha just kidding, but i just never had another occasion fancy enough to bring out this little black jumpsuit. it's a shame because it is sooo comfortable. how can something so fancy be so comfy?!? i probably would have worn it more often on casual outings or errands if it wasn't so revealing; when my A-cups & i feel scandalous in something u KNOW it's revealing.

in order for me to wear this jumpsuit more often i have to dress it down & cover myself up. i tried a few different blouses & t-shirts underneath & liked most of the combinations. & then i thought, "how would it look with just a bra?" 😒 as u can see above, this idea prevailed. i'm rolling my eyes at myself because i am always revealing my bra lol! especially this white lacy bralette from aerie. i'm also lightweight disappointed because i feel like the bra keeps the jumpsuit dressy & sexy whereas my goal was to make it more casual. oh well, maybe i'll try again in a future lookbook.


i hope u guys enjoyed my velvet appreciation post!!! do u guys like velvet?? obsessed with any other fabrics, prints, or colors??? what did u eat for breakfast??? let me know in the comments below because i just figured out how to enable comments this week 😉💬 ayyyyyyy!!!!

#womensmarch <3

#womensmarch <3

rain drop, crop top

rain drop, crop top